About Macgregor.

Macgregor is a Spanish commercial film director, cinematographer, photographer, car enthusiast and racer.

After graduating with a degree in visual communications from the European University of Madrid he went on to write and direct 18 seconds (2008), Uyuni (2010), and Similo (2014); short films that have won more than 50 festival awards combined. In 2015 Macgregor wrote, produced, and directed Los Angeles 1991; which has won numerous film festivals, including the Guadalajara International Film Festival (Mexico).

Macgregor is also a sought after director of photography known for his unique visual style and cinematic vision.

In his spare time Macgregor enjoys spending time with his growing vintage car collection.

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He is represented as DoP and commercials by Artistry.

For film work he is represented by UTA.

For other stuff: DELTONA at GMAIL.COM