About Macgregor.

Miguel de Olaso, aka Macgregor, is a film director, cinematographer and car enthusiast based in Los Angeles, CA.

After graduating with a degree in visual communications from the European University of Madrid he went on to write and direct a bunch of films that somehow ended up wining a decent amount of awards at film festivals around the world. Not being able to make a decision whether to focus his career on cars or films he ended up wasting his money on both. But that's what he likes so who am I to judge him. In his spare time Mac likes to travel to remote destinations, the simple taste of cold beer and to write about himself in third person.

List of awards (if you really care...)  <---


He is represented as DoP and commercials by Artistry.

For film work he is represented by UTA.

For other stuff: DELTONA at GMAIL.COM