SONY A7s - more testing

Lets see now how the A7s in S-Log2 mode at 1080p compares with the 5 year old state of the art Sony F35, which uses a +5K CCD sensor to render a 1080p signal:

Hey, the A7s holds up pretty well. A bit less DR. It's softer and maybe colors are a bit more digital. But for a $2500 mirrorless camera, it's not too bad. Also I didn't encounter any issues from the fact that the A7s shoots only in 8bit. (yes you just read that, so stop the nonsense about 8bit cameras being crap. Sure I'll take 10bit over 8bit, but 8bit is still good 99% of the times. HDcam and DVCproHD were both 8bit goddammit!).
Then of course the A7s struggles with massive rolling shutter issues and those ugly highlight edge artifacts...