Sony F35 - 2000ISO test

Heck, lets shoot Slog, and rate the camera at 2000ISO. We'll get an extra 2stops of DR in the highlights, and a much more filmic tone curve (tons of highlights, less shadows), yeah baby!
Noisy footage? Of course! But Neat video can do magic and now that it can be integrated inside Davinci resolve, it's a super simple process. 

So if the F35 already had a very pleasing highlights rolloff, imagine how good it's going to be now with an extra 2 stops (or 3 if you're crazy) in the highlights. 
I shot these tests on 10bit 422, I see no banding issues of course, but I'm sure 12bit 444 would be the best for this workflow, as most information gets concentrated in the lower part of the histogram.